Anyway, I figured out that I loved selling because of the money and it took some marketing skills to get rich. That's right! You wouldn't get rich if you didn't know about marketing.

So, I became a sales guy that learned how to become a master of marketing.

Just a warning. My marketing skills didn't come from a college or even a known marketing company. My skills came from trial and error, newspapers, sponsorships, tv ads, digital ads, freeway billboards, yellow pages, direct mail, and other things that may have or may not have worked.

These skills cost millions of dollars. Millions in failed ads and millions in success.

If you're familar with any of the books I've authored, such as my latest, Attracting Great Buyers: How a 5-Step Plan Will Help You Sell Anything, then you probably work for a big sales focused company. My other books include The Perfect Way ToSell and Expert Sales Secrets - as well as Ignite Your Sales. My books are often referred to as "playbooks" and required reading in some of the world's most powerful sales organizations.

I live on the outskirts of Boise, Idaho in a small town called Eagle with my family.

Longer Bio:
The school that I went to was Colorado State University (formerly University of Southern Colorado) and I majored in Automotive Parts and Service Management. It was the same college and degree as my dad.

My childhood dream career was to become a professional motorcycle racer and earn a living from one of the big factories. I won a national championship, state MX and offroad championships, and competed on 5 U.S. teams but I never made it to a level that could justify it as a career.

Selling cars and motorcycles was the only job that allowed me to keep racing around the country... as long as my sales were good.

Eventually I became a sales manager, F&I manager, GM, and finally a dealer. Next, I opened retail stores in strip malls, an ecommerce powersports business, used online parts business, a magazine, and even got my real estate license.

Finally, we sold and/or closed everything. I was done.

6 months later and I created the sales and marketing company that this website is about. That was in 2006.

2013 was when I founded a software company (MotoMenus LLC).

My life today is full of work, mountain biking, skiing, hunting, camping, watching my daughter's basketball games, and hanging out with my family.

Desert race