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Oct 29

The Most In Demand Sales Skills in 2020 | (High-Income Skills to Master)

The Most In-Demand Sales Skills in 2020 (High-Income Skills to Master) // Do you want to be a highly paid sales expert? Well, you’re going to need some specific skills to become one.

You don’t need to be a wildly successful marketing person but you need to understand some basics.

You need leads and you need customers.

That requires marketing, but you can’t expect your employer to do it all for you.

An employer’s #1 priority is marketing for the company and not the individual.

It’s mandatory to use social media in order to let people know who you are, what you do, and give them a call to action so they reach out to you.

Begin advertising yourself by simply writing a couple of interesting paragraphs or even doing a quick video.

Then, send it in an email out to your sold and unsold customers.

If you don’t know how to do this or you don’t have the time to do it on your own, contact Dale Spangler over at Buzz Media and he’ll get it done for you.

Your next skill is closing. Rather than hope customers just show up and buy (which happens with less than 20% of all customers) it’s important to learn how to close deals by using professional techniques to help your customers make buying decisions.

Closing is not being deceptive or immoral.

Closing is understanding that you’re helping a customer make an educated and informed buying decision.

In today’s economy, it’s mandatory to add a second sale with every first sale.

The first sale is when you sell the main product.

The second sale is when you sell items that accompany the first sale.

An example is a customer that buys a new street bike. Now, they need a helmet, gloves, jacket, boots, security device, exhaust system, saddlebags, extended warranty, gap coverage…etc.

That profit on the motorcycle is called front-end profit.

Profit from the extra products is called back-end profit.

Amateurs focus on the front-end and professionals focus on the back-end.

Having control of your customers is another mandatory skill.

Control as in scheduling when they show up to buy, when they show up to sign papers when they can expect your phone calls, emails and text messages.

Control is a skill that requires asking the right questions.

It’s important to be organized in this business and that requires control.

And your fifth skill is having a mandatory, repeatable task list every day. You have to know what you’re going to do before every new day starts.

Ask yourself: Am I doing the most productive thing possible right now?

So here’s the thing. The only way that anyone measures what a true sales expert is is by the money they earn. It’s what goes into your bank account.

It’s your decision if it’s going to be five figures or six figures. No matter where you’re trying to get to in life, these are five of the skills you’re gonna need.

These aren’t all the skills you need but they’re some of the most overlooked and very important.

If you need help getting to the level you want to be at then check out my training agency at

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