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Jun 15

How to become a Great Salesperson with 4 Free Tools

You want to rank number one in sales. How do you think you do it?

I mean…. How to become a great salesperson is a common question out there. 

Most people say you need to cold call. 

Others say to ask your family and friends to buy from you. Hand your card to everyone you come in contact with.

Those are techniques I learned 30 years ago. They can also make a person feel pretty awkward, let alone they’re not very efficient or even effective methods. 

Where do you start?

My first tool for you is your email. Anyone can get a free email account. 

I recommend a professional email address that’s associated with your business but since that costs money, and this is all about FREE, just get an address that at the very least looks professional and sounds professional when you say it. 

The reason you need to use email is because in 2020, as in right now… 99% of consumers check their email every day.

Active email accounts number over 5.6 billion right now!

73% of millennials prefer business communications to come from email.

Email is the equivalent of writing a letter to someone, and you need to follow a couple of guidelines when it comes to sending emails. 

Don’t sit at your computer and type emails all day. Simplify it with templates. The first template is for your sold and unsold customers and prospects. These people need to receive a regular email from you that could be a newsletter or some sort of information that they’re going to appreciate………(not spam)……………. 

The reason for this is top of mind awareness. It’s likely that your sold customers will buy from you again and it’s also likely your unsold prospects will be in the market some day.


How do you write a newsletter? Get over to expert email secrets and get the free template that shows you how to write a newsletter. 

Depending on the size and quality of your newsletter, it should take 30 minutes to an hour to write and another ten minutes to send. 

Depending on how big your email list is. I think you’ll be in shock when you find out the response you’ll get once it’s sent. 


The Third Free tool I have for you is Facebook. 

This is one of my favorite tools because it’s 100% free marketing. You can use your personal page or create a free business page. 

The cool thing with Facebook is your friends will like your page and then their friends will see it and their friends will see it…. Anyway….it just goes on and on. 

If you already have a page but you’re more into showing family pictures and what you had for dinner then you should just create a business page. It’s still free and if you’re still unsure about using Facebook to market and nurture your prospects and customers? 

There are 2.6 billion active users on Facebook right now.

The Fourth free tool I have for you is YouTube.

Let’s say you’re in the automotive business and you want to know how to sell more cars. Since a lot of people like to shop over the phone, texting and emailing this is where you can be a step above your competition. You get a prospect. They’re interested in a Ford Raptor. You’ve got one on the lot. 

Take your cell phone out and do a 90 second walk-around. 

Upload it to YouTube. Use their free editor if you need to. Create a playlist on your page for New Ford Raptors. Add it to that. 

Next, take the link that YouTube just gave to you and email it to your phone prospect so they can get excited about it. Of course I’d also consider texting it, but since I’m also all about re-purposing everything, I’d add that YouTube video to my Facebook page and then put a screenshot of it in my next newsletter. 

If you do just one video like this every day while you’re at work. You’ll have somewhere around 250 YouTube videos in a year, which by the way never get deleted… and the only people that watch these videos are anyone that really wants to buy what you’re selling.

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