Training / Double Your Sales With This One Question

Do you want sales, customers, or both?

Your customer says, “I’m going to think it over,” or “I need to think about it.” Today I’m going to cover the only 4 reasons customers tell you that they need to think it over and how to get them to buy.

We do know that a customer will have no more than four main objections. Although it seems like customers can create thousands of objections, I will break it down and show you what to do when a customer says, “Let me think about it.” I’m also going to teach you what you should say so you can close them.

The main reason I do this is that if I let my customer say to me, I’m going to think it over, they will probably shop the competition and be less likely to come back to me. So rather than take that chance. Here is what I do.

#1 – Objections can be about price, product, time, or a stall. In this example that I’m using, the customer has said, “Let me think about it.”

#2 – Strategy. You need to have a strategy. My strategy is to help my customer create an objection that I can control and let them feel as if they created it. The way that I do this is I give them options. The reason that I help them create their own objection is because if they feel as if they created it, it must be valid. I mean, they created it. Then if I can overcome their objection, they likely end up buying from me.

Example: A customer says, “Let me think about it.”

My Response: No problem. It sounds like you’re like me. I like to think about these things too. Before you take off, let me ask you a quick question. Is it something I said, the product or the price?

Customer Says: It’s the price. (Which it is. It’s always the price.) Now…. I’m going to let them know that I understand how they feel.

My Response: It sounds like you need to ensure you’re getting a good deal and can fit it into your budget. Is that it?

Customer Says: Yes, that’s right.

My Response: So, Mr. Customer. I’m going to work on making sure you get that good deal. I’ve got an idea, but when you say it has to fit your budget. Is it because of the check you’re writing out, or is it the monthly payment?

Customer Says: It’s the check. Or they say it’s the payment. (There’s no other way to pay, so how they answer doesn’t matter. Cash or finance. Once again, your customer will choose an option. (80% of your customers will say it’s because of the payment)

My Response: It sounds like you’re just like me and everyone else that comes here. Let’s go over here, and I’ll get some figures for you. It sounds like, other than your payment; there’s probably no other reason we couldn’t wrap this up right now. Have a seat right there.

As I’m doing this, I’m leading them over to my desk so I can present some payment options to them. It’s very important at this point to understand everything up until now was built on emotion.

Once your customer sits down with you, it becomes rational. When your customer has to rationalize, it’s important to speed things up. You can’t have delays here. Your computer has to be on. Your sales manager can’t be out to lunch. The F&I manager has to be in their office. All Hands On Deck right now.

This is also where you need to present multiple payment options that are computer generated. If you don’t have a program that does this for you, then look at something like motomenus. There’s a link down below for a free trial. It gives the customer 60 different payment options within minutes.