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Tommy Ady -  I always love the "about me" page because they're written in the third person ...even though they're typically written by the actual person. And yes... this is me writing this in the first person. 

I have been working in retail motorcycle and automotive businesses for 29 years and built my reputation as an authority on dealership profitability. After many years, transitioning from a salesperson through all of the various management positions, I became a gm and then dealer partner in my families dealerships.

After 9/11 hit, we began selling off the franchises as we all had other aspirations to pursue. Pretty soon I had retail stores in strip malls, e-commerce businesses and a software company (all powersports related). 

Since I was already sharing everything I knew and created, with everyone in the businesses that I grew up in, I decided to create this business, Tommy Ady, Inc. Now I have various teams that handle management & sales training, marketing, software, and brokering dealership sales. 

MotoMenus is my software company that is a subscription service that gives dealerships a menu system that allows salespeople & F&I managers to create irresistible offers for customers (to convince them to buy, of course). This results in a streamlined sales process that makes it faster and easier on customers and salespeople. The result being a leaner, more profitable selling process.
When you and I someday cross paths, you're likely to find me desking deals, out on the floor closing deals, spinning paper in the F&I office or running a dealership (for a couple of weeks) if someone is in need of a GM or even an owner. I'm not one to teach what I've never done. I'm able to do everything that I teach or write about, and I do it at a high level.
And that is how I've been able to help put together some of the highest performing dealerships in the country, especially when it comes to transitioning from a dealership that relies on showroom traffic to one that does the majority of their selling over the phone and online, with social distancing rules being adhered to. 

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