Private In-House Training
Customized for your Dealership
Three days of intensive Tactical Selling workshops AT YOUR DEALERSHIP! This is the best opportunity available to jump start your sales!
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Tuesday Morning Sales Meetings
Tuesdays at 7:30 MTN
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Joining in on these sales meetings you'll learn about
Motivation, Overcoming Objections, Getting Commitments, Closing, Setting Appointments, Write-Ups...and     
why you should begin an in-house training program.

Assumptive Selling

Is It An Objection or Just Resistance To Selling?

How To Write Up 100% of Your Customers

Sales Activities that Lead To Sales Everyday
When you understand Tactical Selling and how to sell with a very profitable process then...
You  will often see your income go up 50-100% or more...
Our three-day private in-house workshop includes one day of classroom training all of your Sales and Management team attends) and two full days of customized showroom work where we get on the showroom floor, help your customers and go to work with your staff!
What You Can Expect
If you haven't watched Tommy and his trainers work before, then prepare to be pleasantly surprised. These trainers are true salespeople, closers and doers. Unless prior arrangements have been made you will have Tommy and his Tactical Trainer, Brian Cope, provide three days of intensive interaction (and entertaining) sales techniques that will show your staff how to turn shoppers into buyers.
Mornings begin with a quick sales meeting, daily roll playing, phone calls to set appointments all the way until they get customers in the store and help close deals.
  •  Begin your in-house training with a 130 page workbook to get started
  • Find out why customers always say "I'm just looking", and how to never hear it again.
  • Learn a simple process that leads customers straight to the sale.
  • Land every customer on the right model every time!
  • Move the customer to a Write Up—100% of the time!
  • Practice negotiations and develop skills as an effective closer
  • How to Handle the Toughest Price Shoppers
  • 5 Things You Must Do for Every Used Unit in Your Inventory For a Fast & Profitable Sale
  • Closes for your most common objections
  • Setting Appointments Over the Phone That Show
  • Up-selling Accessories
  • Easiest Ways to Follow-Up
  • Using Text Messages to Sell
  • Learning to Go from a Salesperson to a Closer
  • Perform a walk around appraisal while building a buyer profile.
  • Make smooth transitions between steps on the sales process.
  • Land every customer on the right car every time!
  • Move the customer to Write Up—100% of the time!
  • Practice negotiations and develop skills as an effective closer
  • 5 Habits You Need to Develop to Be a Top-Performer
  • The 10 Step Modern Sales Process
  • Greetings
  • Demos
  • Handling Objections
  • Closing on Your Five Most Common Objections 
  • Getting Commitments to Buy Before and After You Sit Down
  • Trial Closes
  • Write-Ups
  • Proposals
  • Closes
  • Unsold Follow-Up to Get a Pipeline of Be-Backs
  • Getting Internet Customers to Buy
$6,500 Investment for 3 Days of In-House Training
We have been using Tommy's training and 8 step selling process for nearly six years and the  results have been nothing short of amazing. We're well above the national norm for our profit and  he more than doubled our F&I income with his F&I process.
Paul Sumrall, Owner Stillwater Powersports
“Tommy's process is customer friendly and makes you serious money. Altus is a small rural Oklahoma town and we do numbers that a lot of the big city stores only dream of. Everything he does is measured so he can make sure it's working. His process works, if you commit.”
George Nassaney, Owner Altus Motorsports
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