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Instant Sales
On The Phone
This program is designed for anyone who wants to quickly improve their phone skills. Watch the videos, read the book and track 
your improvement!

Make Money
In Service
This program is designed for anyone that works in a service department. These three videos cover the basics of handling customers over the phone and are guaranteed to increase your productivity and profit faster than anything else you can do!
  •  Activities of the Phone
  •  Goal of the Phone
  •  Attitude
  •  Confidence
  •  Staying Positive
  •  First Impressions
  •  Questions That Kill Sales
  •  Handling Objections
  •  Your Prices Are Too High
  •  Overcoming Spouse Objections
  •  I Don't Have Time
  •  It's Too Much Money
  •  Questions That Get Appointments
  •  Handling Inbound Calls
  •  Nurturing Customers on the Phone
  •  Getting Unsold Customers Back In
  •  Handling the Toughest Price Customers
  •  How to Make Follow Up Calls After a Show
  •  Getting Referrals
  •  (Instant Phone Scripts For Motorcycle Sales book, Instant Emails book, Instant Phone Scripts Quick Help cards, Phone Success 4-Step Sign, I Sell Moto decals (to let people know what you do).
This Training Webinar Reveals...
"There are really only three ways to grow your service business. You can increase your number of customers, increase the profit you earn on each Repair Order, or increase the residual value of each customer . . . or you can (and should) do all three..
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