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How To Create Cash Customer Problems (that you want)

You’ve been waiting for some good customers to show up but they’re not. So, you learn how to create a fast and easy Facebook ad, and you launch it.
Minutes later you’ve got people calling and emailing, asking questions about what you’re selling… but a lot of them say they’re paying cash. How could that ever be a problem and what do you do to fix it?
More importantly…. if you don’t have this problem. You’re probably asking yourself, how do I get good customers so I can have that cash problem?

It’s only a problem that needs to be fixed if you’re in a business that makes extra money off the finance side of it.

In this lesson, I’m going to teach you how to create that cash customer problem.
First: Create an Ad to Get Some Buyers

Are you struggling to produce your own customers? You know…you usually just wait for a customer to show up but right now they’re not showing up?

Finding new, creative ways to generate more sales can be a tough task. When it seems like you’ve tried everything to no avail, remember that you’ve got another ace up your sleeve that you’re competition probably isn’t doing.

It’s advertising on Facebook, YouTube or other social media sites.

Social media marketing is a great way to bring in new traffic from sources still untapped by most of your competitors.

Right now, you’re probably saying to yourself that social media is complicated or expensive. But It’s not. For as little as a dollar a day right now.

But now you might be asking.

Can these ads produce sales? And the answer is yes.

In fact, social media advertising for a salesperson is the top source of buyers for my top producing clients. And my clients are just like you.

But it doesn’t mean that you can just create a post, boost it, and then get some customers to show up. You could get a few buyers, but that’s probably the least effective way to create a cash customer problem.

Create An Ad:
Ads need to have a specific purpose and goal in mind, and then they’ll attract the attention of the people you’re trying to reach. You’ve probably noticed some salespeople or business owners that have tried boosting their posts or maybe even created an ad in ad manager and you’ve heard they didn’t generate any customers off of em.

The reason they may not have performed very well could’ve been because they had the wrong ad copy, a bad offer, but most of the time the reason they don’t work is that once the customer clicked on the ad………… nothing happened.

Give Something Of Value :
Thankfully I’ve picked up a few tactics in my career that have gotten some pretty strong results. The easiest for the average car or motorcycle salesperson that’s trying to get some good customers online is by just offering a pricelist. Personally, I’d offer an internet package along with the price list but you might be surprised how many people are enthusiastic about signing up for just a price list.
I mean, what other salesperson is going to offer a price list to their customers? In my experience, none. What other salesperson is going to have an ad that isn’t just a boosted post? Probably none. But offering a list was the fastest thing that took me from making 5 figures to 6 figures when I needed to boost my income.

I had to do it with a fax machine though. Right! I learned the hard way but it worked. You can do it with social media and email. The easy way.

After you get your new customers, whether they buy or not comes the follow-up. This is also seen as a form of marketing. Your dealership is going to market its name but a good salesperson that wants the good life will also market themselves and that’s where follow-up comes in.

Having good follow up skills requires persistence and a system that helps you take care of every lead that comes in and then continuing to nurture the sold and unsold customers forever. Follow-up isn’t being that pushy salesperson that’s always asking a customer to buy but it’s the salesperson that contacts their sold and unsold customers whether it be phone, text, email, or all three.

Following up is nurturing and keeping your name in front of customers so when it’s time for them to buy, you are the first one that they call.

If this is something you could use some free help with then go ahead and click on the link below and you can join the free 30-minute online course that walks you through these steps. And get the cheat sheet so you can do this the easy way. That’s it here. I’m Tommy Ady. If you liked like, subscribe, share and I’ll see you in the webinar.

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