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Jun 09

2 Simple Requirements Beginners Must Master

 #1: Master Your Beliefs

First, you have to get your doubts out of the way. Doubts will cause you to wonder if any of this will work. How many times have you come to a conclusion that you can’t do something, but you never actually try it? That’s just doubt getting in the way. You’ve got to believe that things can get easier, faster, better and in turn, give you the life you desire. You’re going to hear things, read things, watch things and then doubt they’ll work.

You will have to have belief in yourself and belief that your prospects can and will buy from you. Have the belief that everyone is a buyer but you also need to understand that not all people will buy immediately or from you. However you have to treat all of them as if they’re going to buy from you.

#2 Take Care Of Your Customers

Have you ever purchased something from a company like eBay or Amazon? After you make your purchase they begin sending you an email every week? That is nurturing. They know if they send emails to you with products you like, you’ll buy from them again.You have to offer value first. Everyone is trying to convert their prospects into customers. Sometimes it works but most of the times it doesn’t work. Why not? You haven’t built enough value in the product, your dealership or yourself. They showed up not knowing you. Not liking you. Not trusting you.

That’s why I create these videos, my newsletters, my follow-up emails and my blog. It’s also why we create newsletters for our dealer clients. It’s a service that we offer so they are always top of mind with their prospective customers.

Motorcycle sales or automotive sales and many other industries have low closing ratios. You will only sell 2 out of every 10 customers you come face to face with every day. The people that didn’t buy from you have to be nurtured, because they probably still want what you have to sell. They just weren’t ready to buy from you today but if you take care of them you’ll likely have more chances to sell them.

Something else to think about is acquiring new customers is not easy but if you take care of the ones that didn’t buy from you along with the ones that did buy from you you’ll find that they’re much easier to sell something to during the second visit.

You can’t expect people to automatically convert into a sold customer. We know that the average powersports buyer begins researching their next purchase at least 30 days before they make the purchase. So in order to follow up with everyone, you need their name, number, email address and a physical address at times.

The easiest way and what I would do is use a follow up schedule so I know when I’m going to contact everyone. Using a good schedule will give you indicators of the best time and how to contact everyone. 

If I were a salesperson (I am) and I had a prospect that wouldn’t buy from me right now I would begin with adding them to my CRM. If they said it’s ok to text them, send them a thank you text. Add them to my email newsletter list. Send them a personalized email with a video of the unit they’re considering. Depending on how our conversation ended, I would call them within an hour just to say thanks and to ask them if they thought of any other questions they might have. 

I would then continue to send them more and more information that helps educate them.

If you follow these tips you’ll be better off and convert more of your prospects into buyers and instead of having 80% disappearing and never showing up again to having 50% of them converting into customers.

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