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Oct 15


You just went from having record months of sales. 

You’re still doing all the same things at work everyday but sales are dropping. 

Are you doing something wrong? You probably are. It’s ok. I’ve been there too. 

Hey everyone. I’m Tommy Ady. And today I’m gonna share with you how to get those sales back up and probably even higher than they were before. 

See here’s the thing. Sometimes there’s special events that create higher than normal demand for what we’re selling. 

From a great economy, pandemic, high oil prices or some really incredible products. And because of that, our sales skyrocket. 

But then things might go back to the way they were before the incredible sales. 

People like myself that have been doing this for 5 or 30 years should continue to have massive sales because we have a customer base that we’ve always taken care of. 

And you know what?…………………. If you don’t have that customer base then you’re not gonna have a steady stream of income when sales are more challenging. So, what should you do?………………… 

Well………….. I have a simple tactic that’ll help you get those sales right now even if you don’t have that customer base.  

So I’ve been doing this little trick that’s been working like crazy for a few years now. It’s to get unsold people to buy from you. 

That’s it! 

Convert a person that hasn’t given you any money into a person that gives you their money. 

Now I’ve been testing this for a few years now and I haven’t found a situation yet where it doesn’t work, and I’m gonna share it with you and then you can see if it works for you too. 

There’s a couple of really cool things about this that you’re gonna like. Number one…. This is free. You don’t need to pay me a dime, so that’s gotta be worth something there. The other cool thing is you don’t need a customer base or anyone in your store. This is 100% based on customers that you’ve never sold and are not in your store, which I’m assuming that you’re watching because you want more people in your store and this technique is really simple and effective. 

If you’re like a lot of other salespeople, you’ve got a list of unsold prospects in your CRM. If they didn’t buy from you, and you’re like me, you have their name, cell and email address. 

That way you can call em, text em or email em to get them to come back and buy. But most salespeople give up pretty quickly, even though the prospect hasn’t bought anything from anyone. Right? 

So we had to get a bit creative. So this is about texting, emailing, and maybe even a little bit of talking on the phone. We’re not spamming anybody. This is about people texting you. You….. as in the salesperson. And this is easier than it might appear, so let me show you how it works and how you can test it. 

So….I’m gonna figure that maybe you’ve got the same list of unsold prospects that every other salesperson has out there. And that list just grows and grows because we know only a fraction of our customers end up buying very quickly.

A bunch of em turn into ghosts when we try calling em back, others don’t respond to our emails and it’s just tough. Right? Something a lot of us don’t realize is that most of the people that you talked to want to buy. Probably 99% of em want to buy but they want it to be easy and on their terms. 

Some want to buy right now, with a Buy It Now button….like myself…. And others take days or months. 

But, lets talk about these unsold prospects and what a lot of them are doing right now. A lot of em are probably at work wishing they had what you’re selling. 

Because you’re only selling stuff that’s really cool and fun. Like motorcycles, side by sides, atv’s and snowmobiles. Right? And you’ll have to trust me on this one. About 80% of them still haven’t bought what you’re selling. But they still want it.  

Now let me show you what you need to do. In your CRM, grab 100 unsold prospects. 

You could do 1,000 or more at once but I don’t want you to overwhelm yourself. And don’t cherry pick the ones you think are better than others. 

Don’t over complicate this. Just get 100 people that gave you their email addresses. If you haven’t been getting email addresses from your prospects then make sure you start and if you don’t know how, go to the link below this to learn how and why you need to start doing it. 

So now that you have 100 email addresses, create an email similar to this. Which you can click on the link below if you want the exact email template that I use. You’ve got six parts to this email.

STEP #1: Acknowledge what they did and get em to pay attention to you…again.. Hey!…You were looking at motorcycles…and I just wanted to know if you ever got one. …………… that will make em think…what? That’s right! I was. I can’t believe you’re gettin back to me but ok

STEP #2. The first line of your email needs to explain what it’s about…So it might say…I haven’t forgotten about you……………………………. You didn’t buy anything from me. I’ve got an entirely new inventory, some used stuff too and the newest models are also out. But I know that you probably didn’t buy anything and you might want something now!

STEP #3. Right here I let them know that’s pretty normal to wait a while before you even buy something. Most people really like to think about this stuff before they move forward… you know fit in there budget, save some money up….so right here in Step 3 I’m just trying to make them feel a bit more comfortable by saying it’s OK that you ghosted me……..didn’t answer my calls…… or move forward

Step #4: Be super friendly by instructing them what to do. And in the example that you’re looking at…that’s why I say…That’s why I’m still here and available right now to help you out…So if you’d like to know what’s new with the offers or to talk to me then just text me…and then you would input your texting number that you want them to respond to. 

You can of course use your own cell phone but you may not want all these people texting you or you’re already setup with one of the online texting services………… which most of us are using now………which means you don’t need to use your actual cell number anymore…………………………………………. So notice right here we’re just being really super friendly and that’s why I’m here right now…to help you personally, if you’d like to talk to me then just text me at this number. But if you don’t want to text, then just respond to this email. It’s mine! Goes right to me.

Step #5: Of course you need to reassure them… that Yes this is my real number for you to text and it comes straight to me………………………. I set it up specifically to help people like yourself that might have lingering questions they want answered. So, what I’m doing here is I’m just letting them know it’s me and I’m still here to help.

Step #6: We just wanna explain what’s going to happen when they text. Right? So here I just say, when I get your text, I’ll text you right back and help you with your questions…or even call you, but only if you ask me to.

STEP #7: It’s time to sign off. So, you basically sign off and in your PS you just resell the text. So you just simply put your name and say something like, talk to you soon. And then you say P.S. if you have questions about offers, financing, prices or whatever it is…just ask me in a text if it’s easier. And then my sample here is “I’ll text you back”. Oh! And then I want to do one more thing which is to give them an incentive to respond. Which is when I say “and “I’ve got these cool internet packages that I’m giving away right now so if you’re one of the first 10 people to respond to me today, I’ll even hook you up with a cool gift”.

So the steps, what they’re doing is they’re really making it easy for an unsold prospect to buy from you.

If you do this for all of your unsold prospects, you will generate a ton of people texting you back that still haven’t bought. 

Don’t overcomplicate this with perfectly structured sentences. It has to sound like it’s a real person and not a high school English teacher that wrote it. 

As long as you follow that strategy, you’ll get some sales that you weren’t gonna get and you’ll increase your income.

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